MSQRD App APK Download for Android & PC

If you’re looking up to spice up your selfies a little, or have a bit of fun with your mobile camera, MSQRD is the best app to take recourse to. Like a Masquerade ball, you get to hide your face and express an individual facet with those you share your pic with. The app was taken over by Facebook, and now there are a few more masks and stickers to try out. You can share the photos you like directly via social media like Instagram and Facebook.


The app has since grown in size considerably, from 4.8 MB to over 30 MB, depending upon your device. The app easily has over 10 million downloads, and the number is only set to rise. It is predicted to leave giants like Snapchat and Instagram behind soon. What remains to be seen is when that happens.

MSQRD Apk to install App of Android, iOS and Windows PC

The question that arises is how to get the app for your device. The MSQRD app can be installed using the apk file. The app is also available via the official stores of the various OS, such as the Play Store and the App Store. But in case you’re using a device without the GApps, or don’t want to use the official stores for some other reason, the MSQRD apk file should work well. If your android is compatible with Terrarium tv APK 1.7.6 it must also run msqrd smoothly.

Download MSQRD APK file for Android device

The process to get MSQRD app of your Android device is pretty simple. Follow these steps and you should be taking fun selfies in no time!

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  • Download MSQRD APK file from the internet. You can use any well known third party website for this. It is advisable to scan the file after download using an antivirus, so no malware makes its way to your device.
  • Go to settings on your phone.
  • Enter the Security tab. Look for “Unknown Sources” and toggle it to turn it on. This will allow you to install the apk file to the device.
  • Tap the downloaded apk file to run it. The setup should begin immediately. Go through the permissions listed there.
  • If you are comfortable with them, press Install. MSQRD app should be ready on your Android device in no time.

Just a matter of 5 steps, and you should be able to use the amazing MSQRD app filters with just a swish!

How to Download MSQRD for iOS (iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad)

If you’re looking to get the app using the dmg file itself, the process is much similar to getting MSQRD for Android devices. MSQRD for iPhone is pretty easy to get. Here’s how.

  • Download MSQRD dmg file from the internet. A Dmg file is like an apk file for iOS devices. Get it from third party sites like you did for Android.
  • Upload the file to iTunes through the app if you have downloaded the file on an non iOS device.
  • Tap the downloaded dmg file to run the setup. The setup should start. When prompted, press “Trust” to allow the app to run. This is a security measure to prevent unwanted/ unknown apps from outside the App Store from corrupting your device.
  • The setup willplaybox hd complete in a short while. You can then run the app.
  • When you run the app for the first time, you might be asked if you want to trust the app. Once again, click Trust to let the app function normally.

It barely takes a few moments to get the MSQRD app via the dmg method. You may also try using the App Store. It is just as easy, if not more.

Download MSQRD app for Windows PC
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If you’re looking to equip your Windows PC with this amazing selfie spice, MSQRD can just as easily be installed on it. The thing to watch out for is the class on software called Android Emulator, which are built to mimic an Android interface on your Windows PC. This in turn hosts your apps. The app is pretty easy to download. Here’s all you need to do.

  • Download the MSQRD apk file from the internet.
  • Go to BlueStacks’ official website. Look up the download button and download BlueStacks 2.0 or whichever higher version you fancy.
  • Install the .exe file you downloaded. The setup should start when you launch the downloaded file. Follow the wizard to get to the following steps.
  • Set up the emulator by logging in with a gmail account. This is essential to activate the Android interface inside the emulator and integrate it with all the services Google offers.
  • Right click the downloaded MSQRD apk file.
  • Choose “Open With”, and then choose BlueStacks from the list on programs that pops up.
  • The installation will commence right away. Wait for the notification.
  • Once the notification arrives, you’re free to take as many selfies with the app as you like!

To launch the app whenever you like, go to “My Apps” on the desktop. You should find MSQRD right there. The app can be launched, and you can use it to click selfies.

  • Swipe right and left to change filters being used.
  • Tap the camera button to click a photo, or the video button to record a video.
  • The menu is easily available using the hamburger button on the top left.
  • Share your selfies or videos to Instagram or Facebook with their respective buttons on the final screen you reach after clicking or recording yourself.

MSQRD App really is simple to use. It adds to how fun it is.

Also you can download showbox for windows easily here.

The MSQRD app was taken over by Facebook to counter Snapchat’s rise in social media users. The app is still not as good as Snapchat in several aspects, but that seems to be because the organisation is focussing on raising Facebook and Instagram’s game, like the inclusion of Snapchat like features in the latter in the latest update. It is also rumored that Facebook Live will soon sport MSQRD’s filters, like the already existing light filters that seem to be borrowed from Instagram. Whatever be the case, it is a win-win situation for the app’s users. Get MSQRD app for your device ASAP!psiphon 3

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